Online Privacy Policy | Precious Comfort™

At Precious Comfort™ we value and protect our customers' privacy. This Online Privacy Policy describes the types of information we collect from users of our websites ("Users") and explains what we do with that information. As used herein, "Users" includes you, and refers to any individual who visits our websites or provides any personal information via our websites, through registration or otherwise.

This Online Privacy Policy is applicable to the websites of Precious Comfort and its affiliates, including but not limited to:™,™ and™ (the "Websites").

What Information We Obtain

For each User, we may receive information concerning the usage of our Websites by that User including the User's IP address, information concerning the User's browser and/or operating systems, and other access-related information. In addition, we (or a third party acting on our behalf) may collect or use "cookies", "log files", or other tools, which are addressed below under the heading Use of Cookies and Similar Tools.

We also collect information provided by Users in connection with online inquiries and transactions involving our goods and services, as well as the information provided by Users when Users register on one of the Websites.

The information that we collect may include personally identifiable information (such as the User's name and address) as well as other information that Users may provide (such as the User's gender and age range). We may also maintain the identification number or password selected or assigned to a User when a User register on one of our Websites. You should be sure to keep any such identification numbers and password information confidential, and to let us know right away (using any of the contact methods below) if you believe that someone else may have learned your identification number or password.

Click here to download a PDF our our complete privacy policy (Updated August 1, 2008)