If you would like to become a distributor for Precious Comfort™ products, e-mail us or give us a call and we can talk. There are minimum orders and protected territories are available.

Authorized Precious Comfort™ Mattress Cover distributors include:

If you want to order a Precious Comfort™ Pet Bed please go to the order page at www.PreciousComfortPetBeds.com

Precious Comfort™ Mattress Toppers can be ordered at www.PreciousComfortMattress.com

Precious Comfort™ is a woman-owned business.

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Legal Disclaimer

Precious Comfort™ fabric products have been show to provide a 99.9% reduction in pathogens including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, mold, fungus, etc. (*This information is provided for comparative purposes to substantiate anti-bacterial activity for non-public health applications). Translation: Precious Comfort™ fabrics are going to be protected from nasty bugs, but don't expect to cure the common cold by laying down on one of our products.

For more details on pathogens consult your doctor or the CDC.

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