latex rubber is renewable

Our sleep surfaces, including Precious Comfort™ Mattress Toppers and Precious Comfort™ Pet Beds use earth-friendly, pressure-relieving 100% natural pure latex cores.

Firmness levels vary

Precious Comfort™ specialty sleep surfaces are made with two (2) different layers of natural pure latex. The bottom layer is a firm support layer and the top is an ultra-soft "comfort layer". Together they make a phenomenally comfortable product.

Latex is not memory foam

Latex rubber is washed five (5) times in the manufacturing process. if you needed to, you could wash precious comfort products that use latex rubber cores. you can't wash foam.

Precious Comfort™ 100% natural pure latex cores ease pressure

Latex has been shown to be a great sleep surface that cushions the body without creating a hard, hot spot like memory foam or adding undue pressure like springs.


100% natural pure Latex is made by tapping Hevea Brasiliensis rubber trees and collecting the latex, creating a mixture and then a mold pour, freezing, cure/heat, washing, drying and quality test process.