Precious Comfort™ "Binder Technology" outlasts the competition

A side-by-side comparison of anti-bacterial fabric using the Precious Comfort technology and those of a competing technology was done with commercial washing machines. Results: Fabric using Precious Comfort technology show a 99.9% anti-bacterial protection after 50 washes...the competition had nearly washed out all of their protection with as little as 5 washes!

Precious Comfort™ cushion and Mattress fabric is not only odor-protected and flame-retardant; but also proudly made in the U.S.A. Precious Comfort™ Pet Bed fabric is woven from earth-friendly bamboo (Click here for pictures)

Fun detail found in family photo

Part of the Precious Comfort™ story is how much inspiration the founders grandparents were. His Grandmother was a R.N. and Grandfather owned an upholstery shop. Imagine the surprise when we found a picture from 1947 of his Grandfathers shop and saw the pet store next door. It's ironic that we make one of the most high-tech, luxurious, orthopedic pet beds available.