1: of great value 2: highly esteemed or cherished 3:excessively refined : affected


1: strengthening aid: a: assistance, support b: consolation in time of trouble or worry : solace 2 a: a feeling of relief or encouragement b: contented well-being 3: a satisfying or enjoyable experience

  • Combines ionic silver and copper to protect as well as deodorize Precious Comfort™ fabrics.

  • Independent laboratory results show that Precious Comfortâ„¢ fabric products protect against the bacteria that cause most odors.

  • Provides a clean, fresh, and odor resistant fabric for a soothing sleep environment.

  • Is durable and effective for more than 50 washes.


Precious Comfort™ "Binder Technology" outlasts the competition.

Precious Comfort™ Fabric Products have 99.9% bacteria reduction even after 50+ washes.